Obstacle Assessments

An obstacle assessment is required for any cranes/buildings/structures that may infringe existing ADF publication Terminal Australia (TERMA) flight procedures. For all obstacle assessments, an AIS-AF Obstacle Assessment Form is to be raised. The completed form is to be scanned and emailed to AIS-AF at: ais.af@defence.gov.au. AIS-AF requires 10 business days to process an assessment.
Important: AIS-AF will only assess against flight procedures that are published in TERMA. If your airfield has procedures published in the civil publication Departure and Approach Procedures (DAP), you will need to request a separate assessment against those procedures by Airservices Australia (AsA). To request this assessment, please email Airport.Developments@AirservicesAustralia.com.
NOTE: AsA has a 6 week lead time requirement for assessments, please engage them as soon as possible.

Your unit/organisation.

Site / Emergency contact
Site/Emergency contact
Site/Emergency contact name.
Site/Emergency contact details
Site or emergency contact details.
Obstacle details

Latitude Longitude
Height of ground level at above coordinates in Australian Height Datum [DATUM] - if available.
Maximum height (including extension fittings) above ground level.
Planned height and contingency above ground level.
AIS-AF strongly recommends the submission of an VO Assessment request includes a KML (or similar) file that depicts the VO to be assessed. This assists AIS-AF in conducting an accurate assessment as soon as possible.
For complex proposals, the form attached to CASA AC 139-08(0) 'Reporting of Tall Structures' may be submitted in addition to this document to the ABCP for processing.
Maximum 5 files.
20 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, png, bmp, pdf, doc, docx, zip, kml.
Additional comments

Date/Hours of Crane Operation
Additional comments

Date/Hours of construction
ADF Base contact
Title/Rank and name of ADF Base contact.
Note: For complex proposals, the form attached to CASA AC139-08(0) ‘Reporting of Tall Structures’ may be submitted in addition to this document to the ABCP for processing.